Decorating ideas for Christmas with Mickey Mouse

On this occasion as you can see in the title of the post I want to share some ideas for decorating for Christmas with Mickey Mouse that if you have children you will surely know that it is the favorite character of all the children, your home will be completely transformed with a Christmas spirit and illusion because all children are fascinated, what do you think of this idea of assembling your Christmas pine with the theme of mickey mouse? Personally I loved it, I think it’s an easy decoration to achieve, that will make it look very original, the main colors of this character are perfect with the Christmas decoration, which are red, black, white. They can be combined perfectly with the color yellow and other colors of the Disney characters. What do you think about the idea?

Do not just focus on the decorations you can add to your Christmas pine, because the ideas of our gallery are for your home in general, ideas that you can try in your kitchen, in your living room, in your fireplace, everywhere, You will see many diy crafts, which you can do on an afternoon that you have free. You will see options to make Christmas wreaths to decorate the door of your house or to decorate the door of your children’s rooms. The Christmas boots are the best option for you to put sweets to your children and you can hang them from your fireplace, you will also see some ideas of Christmas wraps personalized with mickey mouse.

Next I would like you to see in detail the rest of the ideas for Christmas decorations with Mickey Mouse, I hope you like them as much as I have found the proposals, do not forget that you can share these ideas on your social networks, with family or with friends that you think may be interested in the options, I remind you to return to to see more trends for this holiday season.

Spheres diy

These are super easy to make you only need thin thread of the color you want your spheres, red or black which are the colors of the character.

A special Christmas wreath

With the shape of mickey mouse What do you think? I find it super original, it looks beautiful do not you think?

Transparent spheres

You can personalize them with sequins, just like the time in the image above.

Christmas tulle crowns

You only need hoops to knit and forralos tulle, you will have something more or less like the image above.

One more option with thread

To make it look even more special I suggest you add red frost or red diamond to your dial.

Hand-painted spheres

You only need smooth spheres, so you can paint better.

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