Decoration ideas for Christmas in teal with copper

A Christmas decoration should have certain guidelines so that it looks traditional but at the same time modern as time passes, because I do not know if it has touched you but I suddenly enter a house and its Christmas decoration is cute but it looks old-fashioned. Many times it is because of the combination of colors that he uses to decorate his house, since to try to economize they use the same decorations year after year. This has nothing wrong on the contrary is very good to do but the key is to give certain different touches every year or make different combinations to past years and believe me it will seem that every year you buy everything new. Thinking about all this, I took on the task of looking for some Christmas decoration ideas in teal with copper, since it seems to me an original but at the same time traditional combination, I do not know if it explains to me.

Since copper colors add that formal touch to the decoration but the bluish green color adds that fresh and original touch that we look for to complement the decoration, I was surprised by the amount of items and elements with which we can complement the Christmas decoration in our house so do not hesitate a second to save the best for all of you. To start the most basic decorations and where we can add more elements in these colors is our Christmas tree, you can find spheres of all kinds, sizes and designs in these two colors that will allow you to create a very glamorous pine, with a lot of style and all original. You can also decorate your Christmas wreaths with these colors, there is also a wide variety of ornaments and accessories for pine and Christmas wreaths.

The crowns can be used for the main door of your house or for the rooms of it, you can also put them in the windows that are more visible within your house. It will look beautiful! You can also find ribbons and artificial flowers with which you can make beautiful centerpieces for your living room or dining room. Do not miss the opportunity to decorate your home this Christmas with this combination of colors, I am more than sure that after seeing the ideas you will realize that it is a great alternative, now accompany me to see below the rest of the decorating ideas for Christmas in teal with copper that I found to share, I hope you like them as much as I do and you can put them into practice at home this Christmas 2017 – 2018.


In your Christmas tree

Do not forget to add strips and all kinds of accessories that will beautify the decoration of your Christmas tree.

Decorations in general for your house

You can also find discrete accessories or of different sizes that you can add to your dining room or to some furniture in your home to decorate it.

Christmas ornaments

The Christmas ornaments are key, since Christmas pine is the most striking in the decoration of a house, I am fascinated to find designs of original spheres, of different sizes that make the tree look elegant, sophisticated and the time with style.

An elegant decoration

Decoration details

There are endless details that you can come across to decorate your house this Christmas, some of the most important ones are those that will be visible to everyone, like the ones we put in the living room, Christmas wreaths, wrappers of gifts, etc. What do you think of these ideas in general for a bluish green with copper decoration?

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