Haircuts for those who love to have it very short


Short hair is currently the most requested cuts in any aesthetic, in addition to allowing you to comb it easier, it helps you withstand the heat. It’s a haircut that best defines our features, traits, I think favors most of the girls. It is also recognized for being a haircut that brings elegance and simplicity. We will continue to see this haircut much longer because there are more and more girls and women of all ages who add to this trend. If you have not yet encouraged yourself to try it, after seeing our options you will surely run to aesthetics to cut it. You’ll look amazing!



The first option besides the proposal is in a very platinum blonde is cut just below the ears with a slight inclination towards the chin. This cut is ideal for girls with very thin hair and have very little, the back is more degrafilada which makes it look more volume. You like?


The next proposal is one of the most modern, I highly recommend it for girls between 25 and 30 years, because it also makes us see more formal for any occasion. It is an easy cut to comb, to maintain and to look, so if you are always in a hurry I think it is the cut indicated for you. It will be even more if you have straight hair.



For the girls from 25 to below this is the ideal proposal, just above the shoulders but even. Without layers, maybe a little degrafilado if you have a lot of hair, but only to make it look as natural as possible. I recommend that if you cut your hair in this way use a single color, whether brown, blonde or black.



Same but with tufts, this will a little cut the hair, will make it appear that you have layers when there are none. It is ideal for all ages, you can try it is complemented ideally this cut with this style of color What do you think?



For modern moms this look is amazing. Here if there are layers, which will create more volume, the hair descends a little towards the chin which makes the cut is modern and falls down to the clavicles. The shortest is only behind! It looks super cool!



For mature women there is no better option than the latter. It is a practical, short hair that you can easily fix, you can use it in straight or wavy, as you have it, it is best to wrap it so that it does not swell much and you will be ready at any time for what you cross. I hope you liked the proposals and that you can try some of them, stick to this trend. You will not regret it!


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