Hairstyles trend


For about two years ago, came the Californian wicks into the world of fashion, to reinvent the way we dyed our hair, in the 80’s this was one of the most copied trends and this time was no exception, it achieves an effect very natural in this long process that can be get a Californian wicks.



Then, they began to rise to new trends but depart this initially, you can mention some are more balayage ombre style and wicks, flamboyage, etc. They are derivatives of this style but the hair is bleached different.



Manages to give plenty of light to the hair and therefore our face look younger and full of life, and best of all, this trend has not gone entirely, if used a little less but there are too many variants this style that more and more people opt for them as they look for changes that are not so drastic and instantly promote your image, this style is ideal.