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Decoration of modern rooms

In today’s post I want to share some ideas and designs of modern rooms that you want to have in your home to give a completely different touch to the decoration of your home or because you already need it, colors for modern rooms 2018, types of furniture of modern rooms this season as well as decorative accessories.

The rooms are one of the most important parts of our house, I think there could not be a house without a living room, because it is an ideal space to share moments with the family and also with the visits we have in our home, so If you want to decorate your room with modern touches, I invite you to look at all our proposals of modern rooms that you want to have, I hope you like them a lot.

Photos of modern rooms

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36 Blinds to decorate your living room

Some of the aspects that you can give a living room a modern touch are the colors used for decoration, for example if it is the walls of your room I recommend are neutral colors or white completely, as to supplements I recommend it any other contrasting color like green, gray, black and coffee are the colors used in modern spaces, also greatly influence the finish of the furniture and forms in a living room modern simple lines and solid colors predominate, so watch that part.

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If you want all the items you’ve added to your room to decorate highlight I recommend that you pay attention to the lighting you use for it, if you have the ability to add more natural light to do but you can also use artificial lighting as pendant lamps or standing lamps. Then I invite you to look down to detail the rest of the modern rooms you want to have I found to show not forget to share with your family or friends that you think may interest them ideas.

Peach roomModern rooms that you want to have

The peach or pink colors are other trends that can not miss for the world indoors, especially this summer 2018.

modern rooms Navy Blue

modern rooms
modern rooms

Combined with more neutral colors like bone contrasting with dark blue colors, the latter looks super sleek and modern at once.

Gray modern rooms

modern rooms you want to have

Another of the most modern interior colors are shades of gray that allow you to get your interior a modern look effortless, plus bright colors combined with amazing looks.

completely modern rooms with contrastsmodern rooms you want to have

You can not miss the contrasting details in brighter colors that give your room a more original look.

modern minimalist rooms

modern rooms you want to have

For many people the modern style goes hand in hand with the minimalist style that only this can be added many details to make about dating decoration.

Floor modern rooms

modern rooms you want to have

Designs floors are one of the details that directly influence the final result of the decoration of your living room.

modern rooms you want to have

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How to decorate a modern room


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Modern games room 2017

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1.5 Metal
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Other characteristic features of modern interior decoration are decorative plants, they can be artificial or natural they will be beautiful.