Pergola Design Ideas and Plans

In this article I will try to give you some ideas and tips so you can decorate your wooden pergolas . I try several different forms of decoration so you can leave your pergola with the style that most closely matches your personal tastes and what for someone may seem wonderful, others may not be him at all pleasant, so I hope that showing you various forms of decoration, some can help you decide on how to decorate a wooden pergola .

If you want to get some ideas before and general advice you can visit this article on wooden pergolas have an initial idea, and if you have any doubt about that wood will do best for your project you can visit our article that choose wood.

The pergolas can decorate for parties because we decorate the posts or columns whose function is to serve as a structure and which can provide a drawing carved on wood , we can also ask to put some sort of window to still provide more shade to the site protected with our structure , we can cover any of the sides to give more feeling of being in an interior and on the other hand we have the decoration for the ceiling may be of various shapes which can give very different and personal touches to each wooden pergola . One of the things I like best in decorating element for any garden is decorating with plants because they can choose from a wide variety of them and get many different looks to suit all tastes .