Royal blue nails designs

Again we bring a collection of photos of nail polish in this case blue , an elegant color that is easy to match because we can choose different color gamuts that allow us to vibrant tones or pastel color.,

Blue is one of the four psychological primary colors, along with red , yellow and green. In addition , it is considered a cool color , along with green and violet. As mentioned earlier, all the different blue , apart from helping to combine clothes , has different meanings.

The blue represents the night. Navy, makes us feel relaxed and calm , as the immense and dark sea at night.i will clarify a bit and we do or blue light blue sky, make us feel calm and protected from all the fuss and the day’s activities; It is also advisable insomnia. Instead if you darken it serves as a strong sedative on the mind , allowing us to connect with our feminine and intuitive part . Too dark blue, can cause us depression.

Then you leave ideas to paint your nails blue,these ideas nail color royal blue ‘ll love: